Some Books

best mushroom booksAll That the Rain Promises and More…
David Aurora
Aurora’s “hip pocket” guide to Western mushrooms has been indispensable. Plus, it’s funny. Available at Amazon and elsewhere.



Mushrooms Demystified
David Aurora

This (enormous) field guide has long been a bible for mushroomers.




National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms of North America
National Audubon Society
The text plus pictures makes this a great guide to pick up where Aurora left off.



Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants
Bradford Angier
A good guide with nice illustrations.

Some Cookbooks

Becky Selengut

Selengut’s cookbook is beautiful, and her recipes are really smart. She’s a whiz at letting the mushrooms speak for themselves. If you ever get your hands on a matsutake make her “matsutake popovers with scallion butter.”



North American Mycological Association

Includes links to local chapters.


Other Blogs

Alan Bergo’s Forager Chef has great recipes and advice.

The Modern Forager blog also has advice on how to forage.