Reflections on Eating Bugs (and Drinking Them, Too)

Just a few weeks ago, in my story about finding my first Hen of the Woods, I wrote about not eating bugs. I’d be remiss to mention, however, that I actually have been eating bugs recently. In fact, I wrote an article on edible insects—on both drinking and eating bugs—for the October issue of Wine & Spirits magazine.

Eating Bugs Ant Guacamole

The thing is that entomophagy—eating insects—may be the Western culinary world’s future. With global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, the world will have to increase its

food production by 70 percent in order to feed us all. Given their high protein capacity and low environmental impact, insects may just be the answer.

Plus, when you get past the ick factor bugs are downright delicious.

For this story, I drank crickets in cocktails, ate ants in my guacamole, and tried to chase down the giant Thai waterbug for a snack, among other things. Turns out, I’ve fallen in love with edible insects.

So, what do ants taste like? Why is there a cricket in your Old-Fashioned? Should you also be eating insects? You can find out for yourself (including at events like November’s Brooklyn Bug Festival). Or, you could just read my story, “Bug Juice,” in the October edition of Wine & Spirits, available in a lot of Barnes & Noble stores and now also online.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where to drink a giant Thai waterbug or eat ants with your guacamole, that’s in there, too.


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